Vision and Planning Process Overview

  • Planning to Plan and Envisioning UNCG’s Future (Sept – Nov 2014)

    Engage key stakeholders for input on the planning process and to share their vision for UNCG.  Constitute and charge a strategic planning committee (SPC) by the end of this phase.  Questions asked will include: (1)  Planning Process:  How can we best involve all segments of the campus community and key stakeholders in a process that needs to be completed by January 2016?  What lessons have we learned from past planning activities that should inform the development of this plan?  Strategic plans take many forms.  One key distinction is between plans that are more operational and those that are focused on achieving bold goals.  Which sort of plan do you think is best for UNCG at this time and why?  (2) Vision: What is your vision for UNCG in 2026? Beyond?  If UNCG achieves your vision, how will we be different from today?  Why is this vision a good fit for UNCG?  How will it differentiate us from our peers?  What strengths will we build upon to achieve this vision?  What must change and be developed to achieve this vision?  What might prevent us from achieving this vision, and how can we best avoid these obstacles while shaping our future?  The themes emerging from planning and vision forums will be displayed on a new planning website for campus feedback.

  • Phase 2: Environmental Scan (Dec-Jan 2014-2015)

    The SPC and a sample of key stakeholders work with a facilitator to conduct an environmental scan/SWOT analysis to provide context for plan development.  The environmental scan will be made available to the campus community on the planning website prior to Phase 3.

  • Phase 3: Vision and Planning Priority Development (Feb-May 2015)

    Input gathered in phases 1 and 2 is used by the SPC to develop a draft vision statement.  The statement is shared with the campus, shaped and finalized through an iterative process.  Input from prior phases is also used to develop a set of broad themes (planning priorities) to be explored in campus-wide forums which will be held in phase 4.

  • Phase 4: Goal Development (Sept-Dec 2015)

    Campus-wide forums are held for each planning priority.  Input from these forums will be used by the SPC to develop draft university goals.  These goals are shared with the campus for feedback.


    Phase 5: Development of Objectives and Outcome Measures (Jan – May 2016)

    The SPC incorporates feedback, finalizes goals, and develops broad objectives and broad outcome measures that will be used to track and publicize our success.  When these materials are completed, we have a university-wide strategic plan.  The goals from this plan will inform major advancement initiatives and resource allocation.


    Phase 6: Developing Unit/Division Operational Plans (Fall 2016)

    This timeline results in a campus-wide plan that is vision rather than operationally focused.  Academic units and other key organizational units/divisions will be charged at this stage with developing their own operational unit plans with concrete action steps and metrics. These unit plans will focus on how units will contribute to the goals of the university plan.